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Twisted Charleston

Charleston didn’t start out as the charming city you know today...


Twisted Charleston

Charleston didn’t start out as the charming city you know today...

Charles II

Tragical Hystery Tour

A Charleston History Tour

A unique look at Charleston’s Twisted Past.
Come along on a Charleston history tour like no other, given by a 7th generation Charleston native, where you’ll learn about the seedy underbelly of Charleston’s formative years: alcohol soaked founders, rampant prostitution, serial killers, and pirates.

Civil War Tour

Coming this Fall!

“The firing on that fort will inaugurate a civil war greater than any the world has yet seen… Mr. President, at this time it is suicide, murder, and will lose us every friend at the North. You will wantonly strike a hornet’s nest which extends from mountain to ocean and legions now quiet will swarm out and sting us to death. It is unnecessary; it puts us in the wrong; it is fatal.”
Robert Toombs to Jefferson Davis

Looking for something different to do in Charleston?

Come and join us at Twisted Charleston Tours. A unique look at the history of Charleston that focuses on the dark side of Charleston’s past. This walking tour through historic Charleston is a cut above the rest. Unlike today, when we regularly top the list of best cities to visit in the country and even the world, Charleston at one time was known for quite different reasons. Pirates, such as Blackbeard, Steve Bonnett and Anne Bonny wear regular and welcome visitors to our city. Pirate Alleys, taverns, and brothels were the order of the day.

We are one of the few, if not only, tours that visit the Big Brick, the classiest brothel in the Antebellum South and the Unitarian Church where several controversial figures from the past are buried in unmarked Graves. We visit the house that was the residence of the young lady that sent Edgar Allan Poe over the edge. A fun tour from start to finish that gives you all the history of the city, with a dark twist that you won’t get from any other company.

Our tour is adults only, due to some salty topics, and runs daily. We’re so sure that you will enjoy this walk through historic Charleston, that if you’re not completely satisfied the tour is 100% free! You heard right, we will refund your ticket. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Perfect for bachelorette parties, wedding parties, or anyone looking for something different to do in Charleston.

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Daily Tours at 4 PM

Departs from 158 Church St.

Tickets: $24.95

Parking deck at the corner of Church and Cumberland

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All of our guides are licensed and certified by the City of Charleston.

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